Materion utilizes its metallurgical experience from sputtering target production to manufacture superior plating anodes.  Materion plating anodes have the same high quality metallurgical properties and purity characteristics as our sputtering targets.  In this way our customers see the benefits of higher quality end product and lower cost of ownership.  Materion has a core capability in specialized plating and maintains a staff of plating engineers that our customers can collaborate with.  This specialized expertise brings you best in class support for your leading edge technologies.

For specialized plating processes, Materion has developed unique compositions of Copper and Nickel anodes to increase overall anode lifetime while maintaining product quality.  Copper anodes doped with exact amounts of Phosphorus and Nickel anodes doped with exact amounts of Sulfur have been developed for this purpose.  These additions result in a predictable and stable plating rate.Materion manufactures anodes to meet a variety of OEM and customer specifications. 


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Thin Film Deposition Materials/薄膜沉积材料


  • 光学主材
    石英全波段材料   零膨胀材料   偏振材料   国产石英玻璃
    红外光学材料   紫外光学材料   康宁光学材料   肖特光学玻璃
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  • 镀膜材料



    CERAC提供超过100种靶材,包括14”的HfO2, Ge等等。并提供诸多高品质材料,如高纯铝,铍材料......




  • 光学辅材

    Engis金刚石积粉、抛光液、金刚石膏,并提供抛光研磨设备及系统解决方案。Gel-Film 镀膜专用高分子无扩散粘结胶膜。RHODIA CeO2抛光粉,包括Cerox 1650, 1665, 1663等系列。SBT低温腊。Gel-Pak “Sticky” Box。

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