Materion offers a wide range of thin film deposition materials for a variety of coating processes.  With 50 years experience in thin film deposition and 15 manufacturing and service facilities around the world, our dedication to providing  complete, customized solutions continues to make Materion our customers’ First Choice as a materials supplier and as an R&D partner.

Our thin film product and service offerings include:

    • Evaporation materials in standard and custom forms, including pre-melted materials

    • PVD consumables, including backing plates and silver epoxy cement
    • Sputtering targets in nearly any shape, size or material composition 
     • Associated services such as target bonding, shield cleaning, precious metal refining and custom chemical synthesis

Our experience in high performance materials, their application processes, and precious metals life cycle management helps our customers achieve and maintain a total cost advantage.

Smarter Solutions, Simpler Support & Stronger Relationships



The Thin Film Materials Teams at Materion have provided PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) materials for decades. We take our advanced applications knowledge, combine it with our powerful metallurgical expertise to produce materials of virtually any alloy or form factor.

Broad Product Line

With our experience and process capabilities, Materion can take on the tough challenges of new material development in supporting our customer’s technology roadmaps. Whether your needs are plating anodes, evaporation materials, sputtering or IBD targets you can count on  Materion in providing products that meet your exacting specifications time after time after time.


Regardless of your material needs or the deposition equipment you use, chances are Materion has made the product before or can engineer a solution quickly. Our decades of experience and broad process capabilities, combined with an unparalleled staff of materials scientists and engineers are dedicated to provide you with innovative, cost effective solutions.

Advanced Process Capabilities

Materion’s experience in successfully manufacturing PVD product all across the periodic table of the elements means that your innovations won’t be limited by your materials supplier. A few examples of our manufacturing process are:

  • Vacuum Induction Melt (VIM)
  • Inert Gas Hot Press (IGHP)
  • Hot and Cold Isostatic Press (HIP & CIP)
  • Hot and cold rolling
  • Vacuum casting
  • Vacuum arc melt
  • Precision machining
  • Advanced powder metallurgy


Precious metal targets

Materion has over 100 years of experience working with precious metals. We utilize this experience to provide our customers a total cost effective solution when working with precious metals. Not only have our manufacturing techniques become industry standards, we can provide you total metal management solutions. Our full product offering of material fabrication, reclaim and refining services means that precious metal usage is kept to a minimum.

Non-precious metal targets

A full offering of non-precious metal materials are available – some right off the shelf. These are available for all major equipment manufacturers.

Ceramic targets

Materion has manufacturing facilities and engineers with decades of experience in producing high quality ceramic products.

Broad breadth of highly engineered alloys

From transition metals to chalcogenides to rare earth elements, we can provide high quality PVD products to your exacting specifications.

Full service target bonding services

Materion has bonding service centers world-wide with several types of bonding options available.

Target backing plates

We can provide backing plates for all major equipment sets.

Evaporation materials

Whether your needs are for elemental materials, alloys or ceramics, Materion can provide you with evaporation materials to your specifications.

Crucible liners

Our crucible liners are manufactured to enhance evaporation performance and protect hearth pockets.

Dedicated to quality

Materion thin film material facilities are ISO 9001 Certified and compliant with ROHS compliant.


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