Materion understands how critical the integrity of bond between target and backing plate is.  Not only for good thermal transfer, but also vacuum integrity and process conditions rely on a proper bond.  Materion utilizes multiple target bonding methods, including solder bonding, diffusion bonding and additional methods of high temperature bonding.

Materion provides Epoxy bonding as a service, and as a product for sale.  See Silvertech PT 1 Epoxy data sheet.

We also have the capability to ultrasonically inspect the quality of bond layers.

World-wide support

We have full service target bonding facilities in Brewster NY, Buffalo NY, Santa Clara CA, Limerick Ireland and Taiwan.

Full OEM Support

A partial list of equipment platforms we routinely bond for includes:

• Applied Materials
• Novellus
• Trikon
• Aviza
• Anelva
• Veeco
• Singulus
• Unaxis

With world-wide sales and manufacturing, contact your local Materion representative.