With state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities, Thin Film Technology (TFT) delivers innovative patterned circuit solutions for a broad range of applications in the RF/Microwave Communications, Defense & Aerospace, Imaging & Sensing, Medical, and Commercial OEM markets. When you partner with Thin Film Technology, you gain access to more than 35 years of thin film deposition & circuit fabrication experience.

Our extensive hybrid circuit manufacturing capabilities include the ability to build circuits on a variety of substrates, including Al2O3, AlN, BeO, ferrites, and sapphire. We also specialize in providing circuits on flexible substrates such as polyimide. We can provide standard or custom designed metallization stacks, as well as a number of embedded components such as resistors, couplers, circulators, isolators, and attenuators. All of our products, regardless of military or commercial use, meet the standards of MIL-STD-883.

Custom fabricate thin film microelectronic substrates. Customer designed products include high power/thermal microelectronic circuits, RF/Microwave, electrical fanout circuits for optical applications, and other patterned substrates. Capabilities include solderable and/or wire-bondable metal stacks, Tantalum Nitride and Nickel Chrome resistors, spiral inductors, ceramic plated via-thru connections.


  • Metals sputtered include (but not limited to): Ti, TiW, Cr, Ni, Au, Cu, Pt, Pd, Ag, TaN, NiCr
  • Chrome Resistors
  • Spiral Inductors
  • Metallized Substrates
  • Multiple patterning techniques
  • Electrolytic Au and Cu plating capabilities.
  • Fine-line geometries
  • Patterned and tuned (trimmed) resistors
  • Laser processing and dicing


  • High power/thermal circuits
  • R/F Microwave Circuits
  • Electrical fanout circuits for optical applications


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  • Patterned Thin Films (page)