Materion Large Area Coatings produces high-performance optical films of consistent quality and reliability. Our films provide optimum optical clarity and electrical properties.


Our expertise and ability in precisely adjusting the resistance of the film to improve efficiency of the device without compromising optical properties has made Materion Large Area Coatings an industry leader in the display area. Our clear, low resistance films are applied to touch screens, displays and solar photovoltaics.


Materion Large Area Coatings specializes in advanced customization for ITO film resistance, allowing for greater variations and applications. Film types include:

  • ITO films providing clear performance ranging from 40 to 500 ohms/square.
  • ITO and optimized stacks providing low resistance films ranging from 8 ohms to 500 ohms in roll quantities.
  • Optically clear, low resistance films <10 ohms/square.

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Materion Large Area Coatings – the industry leader in the supply of high-performance optical films for your custom requirement. Contact Materion Large Area Coatings today for your precious metal coated films’ needs.



Materion Large Area Coatings offers engineered solutions to customers’ manufacturing needs, including film with anti- and semi- reflective properties to meet customers’ optical requirements. Each film type has its own advantages suitable for various applications.


  • Anti-reflective films o Appropriate for large and small applications.
    • Provide optical clarity and minimize glare.
  • Semi-reflective coatings
    • Can be adjusted to match color tints for mirror-like applications, and other functional and decorative optical requirements.


The Materion Large Area Coatings business provides:

  • Single and multi-layer anti-reflective coatings for effective glare control in the visible light spectrum.
  • Specific transmission blocking films for window film tinting and color matching.

At Materion Large Area Coatings, we always put our customers first. We provide application solutions and superior services to meet to enable our customers’ technologies.

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Contact Materion Large Area Coatings today for your precious metal coated films’ needs.



Materion Large Area Coatings manufactures precision, clear, low-resistance films for the thin film photovoltaic, flexible electronics and display industries. Our film’s optical clarity and low resistance provides optimum efficiency and high light transmission.  

This series of films can be applied to PET and PEN flexible substrates, and provide low resistance down to 8 ohms/square and greater than 80% visible light transmission.  


  • Resistances: 200 ohms/square to 8 ohms/square
  • VLT: >80% visible light transmission for all types
  • Substrates: PET and PEN, 5 and 7 mil (other thicknesses available as required)  

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