The Gel-Film® products are manufactured using the same proprietary Gel material and is offered in 3 different product configurations: WF, PF, and DGL. The most commonly used Gel-Film product is the WF film which is Gel bonded to a metalized polyester substrate material and it is available with an optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing (-A).

WF film is used for a wide assortment of applications such as:
  • Probe Tip Cleaning
  • Wafer Backgrinding
  • Disk Drive Bar Lapping
  • Surface Protection
  • Polishing Optics
  • Process Handling Fixtures
  • Scribe and Break cover sheet
  • Flex circuit laser cutting
  • Flat panel display cover
  • Cover sheet for handling fragile wafers
  • Micro displays and lenses
The WF Gel-Film comes in several retention levels and Gel thickness combinations.

The PF and DGL films are similar to the WF product except the Gel material is not bonded to a substrate allowing the Gel film material to be easily removed from the backing material, otherwise known as "free Gel." These products are typically used for special process applications.

The DGL film is a Process B version of Gel which is laminated onto a thinner polyethylene backing. The primary applications for DGL film is special process handling and as a coversheet during the Scribe & Break process to capture loose debris and particles during the break step.

Gel-Film is available in standard pre-cut sizes or can be sold in custom shapes and sizes per your specific requirements.
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