From metallic to ceramic and inorganic chemicals, Materion provides one of the most compressive material offerings for thin film deposition sputtering targets. We support all major OEM platforms and sputtering target configurations.

Enabling Technology

We understand your need to develop rigid processes therefore you can count on us to provide consistent repeatable quality materials. Materion is ready to partner with you to design new innovative sputtering target configurations and develop materials to meet your process needs. 

Our vertically integrated approach to product design, manufacturing and service provides our customers with smarter solutions, simpler support and stronger relationships.



Materion provides specialty inorganic thin film PVD chemicals in a wide variety of sputtering target configurations.  Material properties and forms are optimized for individual chamber types and deposition processes.

Total Cost Advantage

Our in-house material synthesis and manufacturing operations enable us to provide market-leading value in sputtering targets:

• Optimum grain size and uniform microstructure assure consistent process performance thru full end of life

• Complete homegeneity and high purity levels produce uniform, consistent coverage

• High density materials enable longer coating runs, reducing the frequency of chamber downtime for target replacement and associated equipment maintenance

Our experience in non-traditional materials and challenging applications is what makes Materion our customers’ First Choice for the development and production of innovative new products.

One Partnership for Materials and Services

Because we rigorously monitor our product quality and manufacturing processes, Materion Advanced Chemicals has the technology and expertise to supply superior inorganic thin film sputtering targets to any size operation, from R&D to full-scale production.

Our comprehensive suite of support services includes:

    • Sputtering target bonding and debonding 
    • Backing plate refurbishment
    • Carbon fiber carrier cleaning
    • High value material refining

The combination of our material and service offerings provides you with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for your sputtering process.

Sputtering Target Manufacturing

Fabrication processes vary based on material composition, application process and product end use, and include: 

• Ceramic Sintering   • Hot & Cold Isostatic Pressing   • Hot & Cold Pressing   • Hot & Cold Rolling
• Extrusion   • Precision Machining   • Casting   • Plasma Spray
• Vacuum Melting   • Vacuum Hot 
  • Inert Gas Hot Pressing    

Smarter Solutions, Simpler Support and Stronger Relationships