The original Gel-Pak "Sticky" Box, the AD series is composed of the proprietary Gel coating which is applied directly to the bottom of a plastic hinged box. The AD Series is intended for manual applications in which the devices are loaded and unloaded using tweezers or by fingers.

Gel-Box carriers are optimal for handling devices when you want to avoid direct contact with the top of the device. When immobilized on the Gel surface, devices with fragile topography such as exposed wire bonds or sensitive surface components can be safely handled and shipped. The Gel-Box is available in the standard retention levels (X0, X4, X5, and X8) to accommodate variations in device size, weight, and surface roughness.

Gel-Box products are available in transparent styrene (T), conductive black (C) and antistatic (AS) materials. The standard boxes range in size from 1" x 1" to 5" x 7". Custom box sizes are available upon request or you can send Gel-Pak your own box and it will be coated with Gel for you.

The Gel-Box may be customized with a print pattern (grid) or company logo. Standard available Prints can be viewed at Gel-Box Print Options
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